Ingredient Sauces

For many, ingredient sauces are the first thing that comes to mind with Asian cooking. From staples such as oyster and soy sauces, through to chilli sauces varying from sweet to tongue-burning hot, Asian ingredient sauces can now be found in many home kitchens from Sydney to San Francisco.

At Asian Home Gourmet, we understand the role of ingredient sauces in Asian cooking. So we have developed a range of ingredient sauces that incorporates both the staples as well as a selection of authentic interpretations of the staples that will bring a special twist to your meal. If you’re looking for the fish sauce that brings the flavours and fragrance of Thai cuisine to your stir fry, or a chilli sauce that adds a zing to your favourite dishes, then look no further than Asian Home Gourmet.

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Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream

A quick mix that gives you the delightful taste of fresh coconut milk in seconds.  Ideal for use in Asian recipes, for curries, Asian desserts and for western recipes replacing milk or cream.  Just add water and stir....

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